TailorMade Garments 

Custom Work

Made to Order Historical Clothing

No one likes to see the same dress walking down the street in front of them. Clothing is as unique as you are. We custom make all "outer" garments to your measurements and specifications.

Get the perfect garment in the perfect color for your needs. Want buttons instead of lacing? No problem.

Want an entirely hand-sewn garment? We'll give you a quote. Prices listed below are for base options. Please contact us for other requests.

Contact: tailorcostumes@gmail.com


Single color Tunic with topstitched faced neck. Tunic comes to mid thigh when unbelted. 

Pictured is our XL.

Sizing based on your measurements.

tunic: $85.00 (colored linen)

Add $5 for 60" chest and up




10-Gore "Herjolfsnes Gown"

Linen: $200          Wool:  $250

Based on Herjolfsnes #39, this gown allows for a fuller, more even hem and a smoother fit, if desired, over the body.  

The original garment was intended to slip over the head, but we have modified it to allow for a center front opening, either button front or spiral lacing. Hem measures approximately 8 yards.  Gown can be made with short sleeves, short sleeves with attached tippets, or long sleeves (please add $10 for lacing on long sleeves).  Unless requested, tippets will be lined in white linen.  Long sleeves employ a back shoulder gusset.

(Also pictured:  Machine Applique cotton duck fighting tabbard 

Martial Arts Clothing


4 panel dress with a full flowing skirt.

*Option of button front or lace front (round eyelets).

*Option of long sleeves, short sleeves or tippets 

If requesting parti-colored, please specify the side for each color. 

As shown: white cotton Elenore Chemise,  Short sleeve brown linen cotehardie

with Tippet sleeves (lined). Button Front. 

If requesting tippets, please specify length.

$160.00 - linen            $200.00 - wool

100% linen Fencing "Armor"

Made in accordance with SCA Atlantian Rapier rules.

 *Armor is guaranteed to pass INITIAL inspection.*

SCA Rapier Handbook

Fencing shirts:  $95 (white)  $100 (Colors), $115 embroidered

2" Cuffs overlap to keep opening a minimum.  Collar overlaps close with a single button for minimal bulk.  

This shirt requires additional chest protection for fencing (See doublet below)

Standard sizes (please order 5-8" + larger than your chest)


Add machine blackwork on cuffs and collar for an additional $15

Custom size additions (extra length, girth) please add $10

*TailorMade Garments will not be held liable for any injury obtained while wearing the following clothing*


Custom color Fencing shirt

4 layers of 5.3 oz linen in the underarms  as an applied gusset

Fencing Doublets   - Made to Order

As shown: 100% linen doublet - $170 custom

Additional underarm protection required if ordering a sleeveless doublet

Our doublets are 3 layers:  

5.3 oz linen, cotton duck OR 5 oz linen (Your choice), and lining in 5 oz linen. 

 Standard Features include epaulets, waist tabs, and a button front.

 Metal buttons in brass or nickle tone.

Detachable Sleeves can be added at additional cost of $75.

Brocade Doublets Custom Order ONLY - $125 plus cost of exterior fabric.  Please contact us for current options.

Custom Color sleeveless fencing doublet

Sleeves shown in the photo are the shirt sleeve.

Fencing Undermask Hoods   $40

4 layers of protection for your head!  Cotton Duck or 5.9 oz linen in your choice of colors.  Velcro Front closure

Sizes:  M:  Head to 23"          L: Head to 25"      XL:  Head to 27"

Lightweight  Gambison

2 layers of heavy linen quilted together.  No additional padding

Grand Aissette Sleeves   


Liripipe Hoods              Linen:  $30  (fully lined)       Wool:  $40 (unlined)

Protect your head and shoulders from the sun and cold.  In the heat, soak the hood with water and put on your shoulder to cool our whole body.  In the cold, keeping your shoulders and head covered will keep you much warmer.  Linen hood is fully lined and machine washable.  Wool hood is fulled, but should be hand washed, line dried.

Sample of other items made:


Fully reversible Saxon inspired child's gown ($75-100)                          Cotton Brocade Cavalier doublet & pants ($275)

   Child's Chemise ($30)                                                                                        (Collar, cuff & embroidery by others)


Russian Sarafan- Linen, three rows of trim ($175);                         Russian  Shuba, $75 plus the cost of fabric


German 1520's "Hausfrau" saxon dress $450                    Linen smocked Shirt ($85), brocade Wams, 

Wool dress w/ velveteen guards, linen shirt                      Green Wool Waffenrock, wool bias pants, 

                                                                                                          Wool overcoat w/ fake fur collar 

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