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Linen Undergarments and Linen fencing shirts and doublets

Welcome to our Retail Store!  Working from the standpoint that everyone is unique and doesn't want the same thing as the next person, all our outergarments, dresses, tunics, etc are made to order.  UnderWares provides One-Stop-Shopping for all your "intimate" items under your historical costume.

With an interest in medieval clothing, we revel in creating that “step out of a portrait” look. Our garments are all made in the USA in small workrooms. We take pride in using all natural fibers that have minimal processing. All garments are machine sewn with hand finishing where the edge of the garment will be highly visible, such as the neckline.

 These are unfitted articles of clothing meant to be loose on the body and are forgiving for a number of sizes. We have very few “one size fits most”, because that is generally not true.

Contact:        tailorcostumes@gmail.com

Women's Clothing

The Elenore Chemise

13th century style light 3.5oz 100%  linen.  French seam construction with a hand finished rounded neckline. The wrist edge is also hand finished. Sleeves are set in with a side back seam to allow for a less bulky fit under a cotehardie.    This chemise is roughly calf length.


M (8/10)    Actual chest 40"

L (12/14)   Actual chest 50"

XL (16/18)  Actual chest 60"

3.5 oz linen



Slavic / Russian Chemise

This chemise offers machine embroidery in your choice of color on the sleeves and cuffs with a single button at the neck closure.  Lightly gathered in around the neck to a fixed band.                                                                                                                                                              Hem at Mid Calf.                       

              M           Chest: 50 Length: 42 Neck edge to sleeve hem: 32                                         L           Chest: 58 Length: 48 Neck edge to sleeve hem: 32       

$85 in 3.5 oz linen Plain   

$100 embroidered.                  

The “Elizabethian” Chemise

French seam construction with a hand finished neckline. Based on an extant English smock, circa 1560, this chemise has a square neckline, side gores and is finished at calf length.

 Size              Garment Measurements*   

S         Chest: 40 Length: 40 Sleeve: 22

M         Chest: 48 Length: 48 Sleeve: 22

L          Chest: 56 Length: 52 Sleeve: 20

XL         Chest: 66 Length: 54 Sleeve: 19


 Pricing: 3.5 oz linen $85.00             

Lady's Bias Cut Stockings 

Calf height bias-cut linen or wool stockings.

These are intended to be gartered below the knee(garters not included). 

23" standard back seam. 

Colors vary based on availability, Please inquire.

Shoe Sizes: S(6-7), M(8-9), L (9.5-10.5)

Custom sizes by request - additional charges will apply.

Linen: $25            Wool: $30

     Men’s Clothing 

*Please choose appropriate size based on personal fit preferences.


Our 3 part Chausses (foot, arch & leg) are available in Linen or wool in almost any color.  Round eyelet at top of each to attach to Braes Points.

Please allow 2-5” from your waist to the point of the chausses to prevent sagging. Particoloring available for an additional charge.

Size                 Garment Measurements* 

Pricing:      Linen: $70.00        Wool: $80.00                       

 Particolored: Please add $5.00 



Our Braes are made of white linen. Approximately 8” long inseam ensures that they will stay inside your chausses.  Cotton twill tape drawstring waist. Points included to attach Chausses. Machine stitching visible at waist only.

Garment Measurements*

S     Fits Waist: 34               Actual: 44” Thigh: 22”

M Fits Waist: 40                Actual: 50” Thigh: 24”

L Fits Waist: 46                Actual: 56” Thigh: 26”

XL Fits Waist: 52                 Actual: 62” Thigh: 28”

XXL Fits Waist: 60                Actual: 70” Thigh: 28”

*Please choose appropriate size based on personal fit preferences.

Braes: $30.00 (white linen)

ArmorUnders Now available!

Same sizing as our Braise but made with Linen/ Spandex fabric.  Double stitched for strength.

$35/ pair


St. Louis Tunic

Based on the linen so-called "Tunic of St. Louis" housed in the treasury of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. Flat Fell seam construction with a hand finished triangular neckline. This under tunic is roughly thigh length.  Standard color is white.

M                  Chest: 42" Length: 32" Sleeve: 32.5"

L                   Chest: 50" Length: 34" Sleeve: 36.5"

XL                Chest: 60" Length: 38" Sleeve: 37"

XXL             Chest: 70" Length: 40" Sleeve: 39"  

 Price: $75.00        

Linen Fencing Doublets 

in stock colors:

Black, Navy, Maroon, Pacifica Green

100% linen doublet.
3 layers 5oz linen to achieve SCA Atlantian armor requirements when worn with a gusseted shirt. Available in 3 sizes.  These doublets have a longer than natural waistline to allow for a belt to be worn over the doublet.  While not technically correct for the period, it does allow for more coverage between the torso and the waist.

NEW SIZING- Will fit up to the chest measurement listed.  

38 - (old small) - Neck 16, length 18

46 (Old Medium)- Neck 18, length 18

50 (Old Large)- neck 20, length 20

56 (New size)- neck 22, length 22

60 (old XL) - neck 24, length 23.5

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