Irish Solo Dance Dress Alterations

Sometimes ordering dresses based on measurements doesn't go quite as planned.  

Looking for someone to make it REALLY fit? Looking to update an older dress?  We can help.  

Located in Raleigh NC, we work with the local Irish Schools and local dancers to get the fit you are looking for.  We are currently unable to accept clients without in person fittings.

We are not scared of Rhinestones.  All alterations are done so that the dress can be restored or re-altered at a later time.  

Alterations are based on $20/hour.  No estimates will be given until first fitting.

We remove the stones necessary to do the alterations and return them to you put them back on.  

Fitting appointments available AFTER 6pm weekdays and on weekends.

Please contact us thru FB messenger or email at

Before & After photos of Dresses

Fit of dress from maker- back rides up, major wrinkles across back

Dress after alterations

Shoulders adjusted, length, back zip, darts.

Dress as arrived - sleeves too big, fit not clean

Altered dress (zipper adjust, sleeves taken in)

Weight of stones crashing the front of dress

Dress after alterations - shoulder lift, interior padding to support stone added

Major adjustments on new dress - Dress arrived unable to close in back.  Sleeves altered, sides adjusted, dart in back embroidery sewn to improve fit.  All alterations reversible for next owner of dress.