TailorMade Garments

Custom Performance Dresses, Historical Garment Armor, Irish Dress Alterations  - 

If it is fabric and  you can't find someone to make it or fix it, we can.

We specialize in the historical and the unusual. 

With an interest in Medieval clothing, we revel in creating that “step out of a portrait” look. 

Professional experience in Ballet, Figure Skating, Irish dancing dress alterations and Bridal.

As a trained costumers, we delight in creating your vision, whatever that might be.


How to order:

At this time we do not have a shopping cart set up.  Please follow the links to the left for your desired "catalog".  To order, just send us an email.  

We will respond, usually within 24 hours with payment procedures, specific questions and measurement requests.

If you prefer to order on Esty, please see our site at Underwares, otherwise you may contact us via Email for custom orders.

 UnderWares: Historical, our line of "quick turnaround" undergarments is ready for all your recreation needs. If you don't see what you are looking for please ask!

Delivery Times:

We strive for uniqueness in all our garments. Very little of what we do is made for stock with the exception of our historical “underwear”. Due to this fact, orders may take 4-6 weeks depending on the size of your order. Rush delivery is available for an extra charge.  USPS is the default shipping service.  FEDEX is our secondary.

Orders for delivery before August 1st need to be placed by June 1st.

We offer customization of our instock linen and wool item

20+ years of professional ballet costuming experience, including tutu construction and repair

We offer alterations for Growth changes, sleeve updates and major fit corrections

Measurements & Exchanges:

All custom work is based on measurements you provide. Please ensure that what is sent is correct as we cannot anticipate a change your measurements. We recommend being measured by a local professional seamstress to ensure accuracy. Exchanges will only be made for “stock” items.

 Come see us in person at a variety of SCA events in the Eastern seaboard area.  We also merchant  at Pennsic in Pennsylvania every August. 


Tailorcostumes AT gmail DOT com

919-410-1409 (txt only)